A Gorilla, 25,000 Automotive Professionals and a Canadian Tech Company Walk into a Casino… | Powered by Dashboard

A Gorilla, 25,000 Automotive Professionals and a Canadian Tech Company Walk into a Casino…

Samuel Devon

March 30, 2016

For well over a week in social media we’ve been watching a gorilla work his way across the continental United States towards Las Vegas. You heard that right, a gorilla, travelling solo across the US. You see he’s our mascot and he’s a little ticked off with us. Tomorrow marks the start of the National Automotive Dealers Association Convention & Expo in Las Vegas and he thought we left without him.

So he got a bug in his ass and headed to Vegas all on his own. He’s been super excited about the platform wide updates we’ve been preparing in time for NADA as well as an exclusive Dealer Marketing Suite bundle that was his brainchild. He’s giving NADA attendees the opportunity to get $2500.00 back when they sign up for our Dealer Marketing Suite for 12 months! It’s a badass giveaway and he hasn’t shut up about it since he thought it up.

Here’s where things went awry, he showed up at the office last Sunday and thought it was Monday! The lights are off, the doors are locked and he thinks we left without him.


So we get his note and apparently he’s been on foot across the US ever since! He’s been snapping selfies and tagging our friends all week as he’s made his odd pilgrimage to Sin City. As you can see from the shots he’s making the most of his trip.

 Gorilla_0006_Cincinnati  Gorilla_0007_Kansas  Gorilla_0010_Texas  Gorilla_0012_Rockies

The rest of our team wants to make the most of YOUR NADA trip, the Powered by Dashboard team (along with our friends Oplogic) will be at booth 5851N starting Friday, April 1 with a slew of marketing automation tools that will elevate your dealership’s strategies to new heights! Don’t miss an opportunity to see smarter tools to help you sell more cars and merchandise your fixed ops business better. Most importantly make sure you ask about the Exclusive NADA Dealer Marketing Suite Bundle. The gorilla isn’t walking all the way to Vegas from Canada to have you miss out on something special, and he’s not easy to deal with if he gets upset!!