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The problem:

At any given time, 1% of an auto retailer’s past customers are ready to buy again. Dealers should be leveraging relationships with them and getting repeat business, but figuring out who these customers are and talking to them at the right time is difficult. Incorrectly segmenting the database and sending out bland, generic offers to uninterested customers will not lead to more sales and may even decrease overall retention rates.

Our solution:

Bumper is an automated retention marketing solution that lets dealers create and manage sales events.

Each sales event campaign is highly targeted. The targeted customers receive a personalized letter in the mail, a follow up email, and have a unique personal URL set up for them.

Best of all, each element in the campaign is trackable. Dealers can log into their Bumper dashboard and see
which customers are interested and how interested they are.

The Bumper difference

Many retention marketing campaigns and strategies focus on blasting out a generic message to a large
amount of people frequently, which is ineffective, impersonal, and even annoying.

Bumper’s small minimum campaign sizes let dealers isolate groups of customers by make, model, date of purchase, and more. The messaging in the campaign can then be more personal and specific, and allows
dealers to focus on cultivating relationships.


Key features:

• Makes it easy for customers to get information they need and take the next steps in the sales process. The system is built for easy lead management and features downloadable reports.

• Transfer customer showroom activity and factory programs into successful targeted campaigns.

• Brings your customer relationships back in house.

• Reduce manpower and replace third-party agency involvement with smart software automation.

• Learn more about the customer base by reviewing past campaigns. Manage the frequency and tone of communication for each customer.

How dealers use Bumper:

  1. CREATE: Set up filters to narrow down the database. Customize a sales event with a name, start/end dates, voucher value, sales message, and imagery.
  2. SEND: Hit launch, then sit back and relax. Bumper’s automated system sets up printer files, creates a personal URL for each customer, and generates a follow-up email.
  3. ENGAGE: Monitor the sales event with Bumper’s powerful dashboard. See who’s interested and what steps they’ve taken in the campaign, so sales staff are armed with information before getting in touch.

What dealers are saying:

“I had the opportunity to use Bumper and as a result, our dealership has sold 20 Cars over 3 months utilizing the tool with our marketing efforts. Bumper classes your leads into Cold, Cool, Warm, and Hot, and gives you the ability to see how your customers are interacting with your campaign.

I highly recommend Bumper as opposed to using traditional mail or even regular email for your sales campaign.”

– Shawn Rafacz, Whitby Toyota

“We were searching for a self-sufficient solution that would encompass traditional mail and email in a single campaign. The process was extremely easy to master. It took longer to pull the data from the DMS than it did to complete in Bumper.

The support from every Bumper Rep has been great. A simple email and my questions were answered in minutes. Our results have been excellent. Within a VERY short time, the leads come rolling in! Bumper can be used for any dealer of any size due to its scalability and ease of use.”

-Aaron Drake, Gus Revenberg Automotive Family