Barry Hillier

July 14, 2015

RevUps, Product Update News – Originally Posted on the Octane Blog

All your automotive media control should belong to you Dealers.

We just gave dealers DIY vehicle offer promotional capability.

One of the biggest features dealers have asked us for is the ability to show off the metal in their online campaigns. RevUps already gives them the power to create their own interactive promotions with the power to control the offers and messaging. But so far if you wanted a car image you were out of luck unless you called your local agency or waited for the OEM to give you ad files.

Introducing the first in a series of new RevUps that allow dealers to select their OEM, vehicle trim and colour: Peel To Reveal.



Not only does this campaign let dealers continue to set their messaging, incentivized offers, legal, button colours and create an interactive experience for customers – it now offers a dynamic vehicle image selection tool. No uploading, no having to crop or create transparent car shots, just pick the metal you want to show off in the campaign. All of it coming from powerful auto data that is automatically kept up to date with the latest imagery.



Media that drives clicks

In the past we would build a series of media units manually every time a new promotion would come out or a new vehicle would launch. We would take the latest vehicles save them…crop them…size them…lay them out…type in the copy…save out the banners and code experiences… It is tedious work and takes up a lot of hours with a team of designers and developers. Hours the dealer and OEM pay for over and over. Every month. And if you have made them as I have over the years – you know they also tend to be very similar in format: where is my offer, my vehicle, my logo and my event logo?

These “change-overs” happen constantly in the automotive retail world and if you are waiting 3 weeks for someone to build your digital campaign you are not selling as much. Recognizing this we decided to automate the process farther with this latest RevUps version push.

Peel To Reveal also takes the featured vehicle into automated display banner creation using the media tab. Allowing you to create a full set of media banners for your campaign with your selected vehicle, offer and call to action in a few clicks.



Empowering Dealers with interconnected marketing tools.

Combine that with the Odometer dealer-focused visitor tracking dashboard that comes with every RevUps campaign and you just made yourself a full automotive retail marketing promotion in minutes – so you can spend more time on the showroom floor selling. Feeling empowered yet?

This is the first update in a series of new modules we are working on at Powered By Dashboard to further refine and add features to the platform. There are more already in development. In the mean time – visit the site and give Peel To Reveal a try. Instead of paying your agency thousands of dollars to make a series of digital offer assets for you – you can do it yourself and spend a few hundred.

Learn more at www.convertwithoctane.com/revups